3151 San Bernadino St. Clearwater FL 33759

Arrowhead Technologies LLC (AT), founded in 2004 by Monte L. Hall is a professional laboratory specializing in the optical analysis of bulk building materials for the presence of asbestos by polarized light microscopy (PLM).
Our personnel have more than 30 years a combined experience in the asbestos laboratory.
Mr. Hall has over seventeen year’s successful experience as Lab Director for a top-rank engineering and consulting firm’s Tampa asbestos laboratory. During this time he achieved a reputation for excellence of his analytical work, for his strict Quality Control/Assurance procedures and record keeping, and a responsive relationship with his professional clients. Though his employer maintained several asbestos laboratories, critical or difficult samples were frequently referred to Mr. Hall. Mr. Hall has analyzed more than 200,000 samples
AT is accredited by NVLAP for Analysis of Bulk Asbestos Fibers by PLM (NVLAP LAB CODE: 200703-0).
AT has designed its service for the efficient support of professional asbestos consultants. Once the samples are signed into our laboratory, all the record keeping and reporting is electronic.
We have secured professional liability insurance for the protection of our clients from a highly rated underwriter.

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