Government Contracting Workshop: Tahlequah


First-Steps Workshop

 Are you ready to take the first steps in Government Contracting? 

Federal, state, and local governments represent THE largest consumer of goods. Medical supplies, linens, construction, catering, counseling services, web and app design/management, religious services, pest control, janitorial services/supplies—you name it, and the government needs it. However, before bidding on your piece of government pie, you need this Government Contracting First-Steps Workshop. 

Join ICTC-OBAN for a free workshop that covers: 

  • OBAN—what it is; free resources and services; and the benefits of being a government contractor (more money, business growth, etc.) 
  • Meet SAM (System for Award Management) and get registered (Step 1 for working with governments) 
  • DUNS Number—why you need one, and how you get it 
  • Industry Codes—what role they play in the gov’t contracting game 
  • Capability Statements—how to write one that grabs the attention of government buyers 

Download the flyer to RSPV.