Make it Happen – Goal Setting REI Workshop

Who is ready to make the most of 2019? Let’s set your GPS for success by setting realistic goals for 2019. In this workshop, you will create an action plan with steps and times lines. You will identify barriers and solutions and choose a way to celebrate your success. Come prepared with a goal in mind ready to use the forms and worksheets provided, in order to program your GPS for success.

Speaker: Mary Rosson, President of High Noon Toastmasters.  In 2000, with Mary’s Safety Degree and 10 years’ experience, she started a safety consulting and training business; adding leadership classes and workshops.  She has certifications to facilitate workshops, teach OSHA classes and present seminars from:  The University of Arlington TX, 360 Solutions, Achieve Global, Fred Pryor Seminars and has attended and coached a Dale Carnegie course.  She has been an active member of Toastmaster International for 20 years and has achieved its highest level of speaking credentials “Distinguished Toastmaster.”  Currently she is the President of the High Noon Toastmasters club that meets in Sherman, TX.  And this is just a thumbnail picture of Mary Rosson.

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