1102 St. Andrews Dr. Apt. 101, Wilmington, NC 28412

BEST Brooklin Event Speaker Trainer, LLC– provides speaking engagements (Educational, Inspirational, Emcee/Panel Discussants, Entertaining, & Storytelling), workshops, consulting, and professional development. In-person and virtual/remote.

BEST has done a variety of events including corporate, associations, retreats, small businesses, schools, municipalities, festivals & non-profits. If you want anything related to communications, leadership, team building, innovation, motivation, and creative brainstorming.

BEST leverages research, communication, leadership, humor, play, and interactive engagement to unlock creativity, boost team morale, connect to your audience, and drive business results.

Brooklin’s most recent events: International Conferences: Society for Humor Studies, Boston University & Applied Improv Network, Vancouver, CA.  Teaches at UNCW & UMO.  A creative consultant and workshop facilitator for the last 15 years. Develops brainstorming, team building, communication audits, & creative solutions.  Guest artist for (EDTA) for over 12 different state Festivals & International Thespian Festival. Former comedian Improv, Sketch & Stand-up. She’s a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Conservatory. Appeared Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America 3. Has an MA in Communications & Leadership from Gonzaga University.

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