Artist Application (PDF)

  TERO Artist  List  
Name Phone Email
Abraham Locust Jr. (Artist) (918) 773-2788
Baskets Beadwork  
Corn seed Necklaces Turtle Shell Shackles  
Andrea Walker (Artist) (918) 734-2227
Calligraphy Creative Writing (Poetry)  
Angela Aguilar (Artist) (559) 287-6009
Beadwork Basketry  
Angela Schmoker (Artist) (918) 698-3330
Stained Glass    
Ashley Roberts Kahsaklahwee (Artist) (918) 740-4483
Photography/Film Development Mixed Media  
Encaustic Wax Paintings Traditional/Contemporary Beadwork  
Creative Writer/Children Books Fashion Layout Director  
Barry R. White aka Krazy Bear (Artist) (316) 448-1535
Jewelry Making    
Bernard Bennett (Artist) (918) 640-6617
Ceremonial Dance Gourds Ceremonial Motifs  
Medicine Tubes/Mortar & Pestle Turned Wood Ceremonial Bowls  
Cherokee Native Carving Knives-War Clubs, Obsidian Knives  
Game Calls-Deer/Duck Ceremonial Pipes (Calumets)  
Beth Hazen (Artist) (214) 991-0161
Bead Work Drawing  
Leatherworking Mixed Media  
Sculpture Shell Carving  
Bill Glass Jr. (Artist) (918) 479-8884
Ceramic Sculpture & Pottery Art Designer  
Monumental Art    
BJ Foreman (Artist) (918) 453-3416
Hand Carving Oil Painting  
Brandi Chamberlain (Artist) (918) 323-5125
Drummer Live Entertainment (Band)  
Brandi R. Hines (Artist) (918) 340-8030
Stained Glass Beading  
Brandon Snook-(Roy Weathers Band)(Artist) (918) 348-9997
Roy Weathers Band    
Bryan Waytula (Artist) (918) 991-8852
Painting Drawing  
Carolyn Pallett (Artist) (864) 353-3322
Beadwork-Southeastern Native American (Textile-Mixed Media Type)    
Carrie Lind (Artist) (918) 323-5438
Ceramic Art Pottery  
Visual Arts    
Carroll “Joe” Coyne (Artist) (918) 915-0337
Tufu Cast Silver & Gold Jewelry  
Cathy A. Thompson (405) 550-1408
Fine Art Photography    
Charlie Nichols (Artist) (918) 479-8911
Charlotte Ann Coats (Artist) (918) 815-0393
Cane Baskets Painting-Brush & Ink  
Christina Hanvey (Artist) (918) 207-2344  
Basket Weaving Beadwork & Jewelry  
Drawing Painting  
Vocal Music    
Christopher Gray (Artist) (417) 658-3179
Performance Art Canvas Art  
Cindy Dotson (Artist) (918) 457-9248
Paintings-Oil & Acrylic, Fabric Paint Gourds  
Sewing-Quilting-Cotton, Cotton blends, Flannel,  Pottery-Clay  
Cinnamon aka Cindy Stevens (Artist) (775) 276-3084
Jewelry Cane Baskets  
Carol Enkey (Artist) (918) 822-1965
Leather Earrings Leather Bracelets  
Dale Sixkiller (Artist) (918) 202-5356
Acrylic Ink  
Water Colors Leather Work  
Wooden Bows    
Danielle Calico (Artist) (918) 931-0798
Beadwork Paintings  
Wood Burning Digital Art  
Danny Stratton (Artist) (918) 822-3347  
Wood Carving Wood Work  
Darlene K. Crosby (Artist) (918) 869-0832
Baskets Beadwork  
David Cornsilk (Artist) (918) 453-3904
Fashion Jewelry Cornhusk Dolls  
Clay Pottery Baskets  
David Pruitt (Artist) (918) 507-0505
Pottery Framing  
Dena Marie Coleman (Artist) (918) 207-5488
Acrylic Painting Driftwood/Nature Art  
Pastels/Charcoals Sculpture  
Detra Denise Tolman (Artist) (817) 253-0582
Fabric Design Jewelry  
Diane Rickey (Artist) (918) 457-0023  
Woodwork Stain Glass  
Donald Richard Brenner (Artist) (918) 344-1010
Medium Paintings on Various Surfaces Medium Drawings  on Various Surfaces  
Elijah Kingfisher (Artist) (918) 900-7701
Eric Chuculate (Artist) (918) 575-3242
Belts Leather Goods  
General B. Grant (Artist) (828) 736-5683
Historical Jewelry Silversmith  
Greg Stice (Artist) (918) 729-6017
Coppersmith Jewelry  
Metalwork Jewelry Tools  
Gwen Ahlers (Artist) (303) 903-2851
Drawing Painting-Acrylic  
Hailee Hines (Artist) (918) 404-0013
Beading Stained Glass  
Mosaics Painting  
James D. Gray (Artist) (417) 483-4305
Musician Sketch  
Paint Film  
James Garner (Artist) (918) 226-1417
Jared Davis (Artist) (918) 871-9478
Long Bow    
Jennifer Thiessen (Artist) (405) 488-8090  
Mixed Media-Earrings Mixed Media-Necklaces  
Textiles-Cloth Capes  Textiles-Misc. Clothing Items  
Textiles-Ribbon Skirts    
Jennifer Yates (Artist) (405) 388-7154
Beadwork Jewelry  
Pencil Photography  
Joseph M. Johnston (Artist) (760) 983-6481
Acrylic Paintings Apparel  
Joshua David Cooper (Artist) (918) 805-7082
Cherokee Double Wall Baskets    
Joyce Annette Lyle (Artist) (816) 591-1091
Oil Painting Pencil-Charcoal Drawings  
Sculpting Pottery  
Judy Frazier (Artist) (707) 292-5532
Pine Needle Baskets Cherokee Baskets  
Earrings Mandalas  
Kacey Lea Soliz (Artist) (713) 907-5384
Business Logos Custom Designs  
T-Shirt Designs Vinyl Decals  
Karen Bunch (Artist) (918) 458-1888
All Medals Awards  
Jewelry One of a kind works of art  
Katheryn Woyneve Lasiter (Artist) (405) 496-3489
Pencil Art/Drawing Photography  
Kathy Sierra (Artist) (918) 822-0225
Clay Beads Jewelry  
Karin Walkingstick (Artist) (918) 261-5819
Pottery (Hand Built) Sculpture (Clay)  
Ken E. Fields (Artist) (916) 878-9833
Kenny L. Henson (Artist) (918) 457-7746   
Paintings Greeting Cards  
Kimberly Jones (Artist) (918) 855-4476
Oil Painting Acrylic Painting  
Multi Media Murals  
Wood Art Art Instructure  
Kindra R. Lockman (Artist) (715) 209-4283
Beadwork-Medallions Beadwork-Earrings  
Beadwork-Necklaces Beadwork-Patches  
Kolbi Monasmith (Artist) (253) 740-1045
Beadwork Block Printing  
Photography Visual Art  
Linda Caffey (Artist) (918) 740-8601
Custom Jewelry Necklaces, earrings & bracelets  
custom beaded with original designs     
DBA ” Cowgirl Clutter”    
Linda Kaye Gilliam Norfolk (Artist) (918) 207-2243
Linda Woyneve Cassidy (Artist) (405) 934-4931
Photography Stained Glass  
Lindsey Elaine Attaway (Artist) (713) 907-5384
Business Logos Custom Designs  
Heat Transfer Decals/Shirts Seamstress/Tailor  
Lisa Baker (Artist) (918) 681-0028
Cornhusk Dolls Double wall Baskets  
Ribbon Skirts Textiles  
Mariah C. Tyner (Artist) (918) 919-2246
Beadwork Moccasins  
Ribbon Skirts Shawls  
Ties & Vests    
Mark A. Harrison (Artist) (415) 850-8373
Stone Work Wood Work  
Mark Chamberlain (Artist) (918) 323-6145
Live Entertainment (Band)    
Martha Berry (Artist) (903) 714-5041
Cherokee Beadwork    
Martina Littlefield (Artist)    
Pencil Collage  
Painting/Graffiti Pen & Ink  
Michael W. Mounce (Artist) (918) 696-1799
Graphic Arts Painting  
Mike Phillips (Artist) (918) 896-0075  
Metal Art Metal Sculpture  
Molly Melinda Brewer (Artist) (214) 684-5271
Illustration Murals  
Sculpture Poetry  
Monica A. Champ (Artist) (918) 639-3333
Paige Crow (Artist) (918) 506-7026
Landscape Pictures Family/Senior Pictures  
Pamela Aural Martin (Artist) (480) 862-2669
Mixed Water Color/Acrylic/Ink Paintings Acrylic Paintings/Postcards  
Beadwork/Bandolier Bags/Purses Jewelry  
Pamela A. White (Artist) (620) 442-1215
Painting Acrylic  
Writing-Historical Fiction Writing-Non-Fiction  
Pamela D. McAtee Carrico (Artist) (918) 333-8933
Fiber Artist Knitted Sweaters, Jackets  
Knitted Baby Hats, Sweaters, Blankets Knitted Shawls & Cocoons  
Knitted Fiber Jewelry Crocheted Shawls  
Phyllis Sixkiller (Artist) (918) 316-0494
Necklaces-Clay Bead Bracelets-Clay Bead  
Rance Parrish (Artist) (918) 640-9561
Beading Gourd Art  
Oil Paints Wood Work  
Ray D. Grass (Artist) (918) 232-1952
Paintings-Acrylic Paintings-Oil  
Murals Native American Paintings  
Ray Kirk (Artist)  (918) 207-8076
Knives Flutes   
Rebecca Balsterholt/Rebecca Katherine (Artist) (928) 706-3773
Acrylic on Canvas Sculpt in Selenite Crystal  
Rebecca Mounce (Artist) (918) 373-2676
Rebecca Walker (Artist) (918) 441-0128
Beadwork Beading  
Regina G.Thompson (Artist) (918) 500-5126
Contemporary Baskets/Commercial Dye Traditional Baskets  
Rita Parnell (Artist) (832) 492-2703
Quilting Tear Dresses/Skirts  
Robin C. Greer (Artist) (281) 433-0052
Acrylic Paintings All Animals  
Native Plants/Symbols Pet Portraits  
Robin Champagne (Artist) (423) 280-8304
Traditional Oil & Acrylic Paintings (Fine Art) Western  
Figurative Birds & Fowl  
Landscapes Animals  
Robin L. Williams (Artist) (918) 231-1381
Feather Earrings Smudge Feathers  
Driftwood With Feathers Cap Feathers  
RoseMarie “Risi” Thelander (Artist) (918) 691-3156
Cherokee Baskets Painting  
Corn Husk Dolls Pottery  
Sarah Morris (Artist) (918) 882-2644
Acrylic Paintings Drawing Pen/Pencil  
Mixed Media on Canvas Graphic  
Sarah Stewart (Artist) (405) 208-0531
Beadwork Engraving  
Sheryl D. Hutchinson (Artist) (918) 360-6734  
Blue Grass Music (Live)    
Staci Crow (Artist) (918) 931-6104
Hair Bows/Cheer Bows Crafts Misc.  
Stanley V. Paden (Artist) (918) 226-0862
Wooden Stickball Sticks PVC Practice Stickball Sticks  
Portable Stickball Poles    
Steven Jarrod Thelander (Artist)  (918) 855-8073
Cherokee Baskets Painting  
Corn Husk Dolls Pottery  
Susan A. Weaver (Artist) (918) 698-2414
Stained Glass    
Tana Twist (Artist) (918) 264-0050
Basket Beading  
Tayler Gutierrez (Artist) (541) 501-0102
Beadwork Quillwork  
Tenyce Lee Barton (Artist) (573) 528-7847
Wood Working Jewelry-Bead Work  
Clothing-Textiles Painting-Drawing-Arts  
Tiffany Duncan Reiter (Artist) (949) 244-2639
Lapidary Photography  
Silversmith Metalsmith  
Tonia Stamper (Artist) (918) 355-8852
Baskets (Cherokee) Crocheting  
Beading Sewing  
Weaving  Needle Point  
Tonnette Hummingbird (Artist) (918) 207-5260
Cherokee Language Locks    
Traci Rabbit ( Artist) (918) 855-9184
Painting Painting-Acrylic on Canvas  
Ty Wilson (Artist) (918) 928-7787
Writing Books & Poetry Photography  
Jewelry Making    
Vicki Lynn Mooney (Artist) (918) 923-2025
Plays Novels   
Vickie Hanvey (Artist) (918) 930-0670  
Basket Weaving Beadwork & Jewelry  
Drawing Painting  
Vivian Cottrell (Artist) (405) 471-7587
Basketry-Honeysuckle Basketry-Rivercane  
Basketry-Buck Brush    
William Zabel Jr. (Artist) (918) 801-3813
Acrylic Oil  
Ink Clay